Video Advertising

Video Advertising

High quality video advertising is one of the most effective forms of marketing today. For many years, TV commercials were the only way to connect with a wide audience. Today, online media is quickly overtaking TV, and your marketing must evolve. Don’t get us wrong, we still love TV, and our TV campaigns continue to deliver huge results. We’ve taken that TV experience and combined it with the new techniques and the new targeting methods available online. The result? Reduced costs, less risk, and a greater return on investment for our clients.

People have been in awe of TV for decades. Those images and sounds have helped bring viewers a sense of connection. Today, Video Advertising offers a similar effect online for the way content is consumed. It is easily one of the most powerful ways to share your brand’s message. And on the web, it can work wonders.  You can actually increase your conversions overnight by simply adding a video to your landing page.

At Random, we love making unique marketing videos and ads that deliver results for our clients. Our team has produced one-of-a-kind online and broadcast video and film for some of the biggest brands on earth. We’re experts at visual advertising, and we have the track record to prove it, both on TV and digitally.

Network-Quality Video Production

Our video production company, Random Motion Pictures, has produced prime-time network programming for ABC, award-winning television commercials, and direct response campaigns that have generated tens of millions in sales.  Our CCO has worked on Emmy-Award winning programs like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and the Wonderful World of Disney. Cool, right? So we know what it means to create great work using original content. 

Increase Conversions

You know the old saying that a picture can be worth a thousand words? Well, we think that stunning videos can be worth a million.  It’s far more likely that users will watch a marketing video over reading content. The perfect example is YouTube, which is like a second search engine. People want to see what you’re talking about in order to make a real connection.

We hate to think that people are just lazy and don’t like to read, but it’s kind of true. Video marketing suck users right in. And once they’re watching your video, the length of time users stay on your website goes up. And you know what that means: longer website visits equal more conversions. So having a brilliant marketing video on your website that shows off your brand can be truly rewarding.

Virtual Events

Random was among the first to create Virtual Events with a series starring travel personality Samantha Brown.  These virtual events can provide your marketing team with a tool unlike any other. They can reach your target audience, tailor your content to a specific group of people, and allow your team to close the sale soon after viewing.

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Original Web Content

Looking for truly original web content? We have hundreds of hours of network television under our belt.  The results have been outstanding, both in conversions for video marketing sales, as well as web sharing.  If you’re ready to spread the word about your brand in an exciting way, our team can make it happen.

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If you’re ready to peak your consumers’ interest, simply click here, or give our video production company a call at 407-217-7603.