The Random Agency Story – Orlando

Our Story

The Random Agency began over a decade ago on the backlot of Universal Studios, Florida.  Our office, bordered by soundstages, was the perfect place to begin the ‘Random’ journey.  Our founder had a decade of award-winning film, television and commercial experience, so he felt right at home.  When he and his friends started The Random Agency, however, he wanted to create something different for a new digital age.

Our mission is pretty simple.  Create Great Work.  Have Fun.  Make Our Clients Happy.

Whether it’s website design, an SEO campaign, or a virtual event, our goal is to create results that make our clients smile… and sometimes even throw a backflip.  We don’t try to meet their goals; we strive to exceed them.  That’s who we are, and that’s what we do.  And that’s why those core clients from a decade ago are still with us today.

tavistock financial center

Our Offices

After a decade on the Universal lot, we decided it was time for a change.  After all, one can only hit the Butterbeer cart at lunch for so long. In 2014, we moved a few miles away to the Tavistock Financial Center in Orlando, Florida.  It’s a pretty cool place to work, brainstorm, or to just stop by and shoot a game of pool. For us, it’s the perfect creative environment to produce great work for our clients.

Random Agency Offices

Our People

We’re lucky.  We have a great team of talented and experienced professionals at Random.  To top it off, we love working together. We have top digital marketers, a Fortune 100 Brand Manager, talented designers and developers, and a CCO who has created some of the most successful marketing campaigns to date.  We’re a bit of a Random group, but we work in unison to take care of all your digital marketing needs and ensure the success of every project.